Hey ‘audience’ (if there is one yet lol ) I will make these welcome messages a little warmer I promise as I get to know you all better … meanwhile thank you for your time and checking out my new site

I have heard great things about blogging and with the addition to my shiny new website I thought no better time to start than now. I’m all new to this blogging carry on and I’m a nightmare with punuations so please take my apologies in advance for my misuse of dots, wrongly placed commas and really bad spelling and grammar but I do hope you can just about make out what I want to say … If not I’ll say it with a language I’m most fluent in, that being, you guessed it - Photography :-D

Ok let’s start and see why I have made this shiny new site.



I am delighted to announce the exciting news and the amazing start to my 2019 with more wins at the societies for wedding and portrait photographer awards held London on the 16th Jan … receiving maternity photographer of the year , from a real wedding day image , and also winning overall portrait photographer of the year 2019.



Last December I met with Maureen and Fionnbar to chat over their wedding plans for their big day on 15th December 2018. The wedding service taking place at st Mary’s chapel Bellaghy and afterwards at the Clanree hotel , Letterkenny, Co.Donegal for the wedding venue. . It was the first time meeting this lovely couple in person and I’m so glad I got to know them more as Maureen informed me of some delicate information that someone very special to them was not going to be present at her wedding … I instantly knew as a wedding photographer and storyteller I needed to find ways to create their presence and involve them as part of the day … Discover here how I remembered Shaun.



Please note !! I do not proclaim to be some sort of marriage guru or couple coach but what I do know and can say, is that I am someone who is fortunate to have successfully experienced a decade of wedding bliss. Check out my personal do’s & don’t and what I feel has helped my husband and I encounter a successful run up to our first big milestone and 10th wedding anniversary.