Meet Jake the studio door man, Jake loves playing with balls, Cuddles, long runs in the car and absolutely adores Children especially Newborns. and he has a lotted soft spot for the ladies also ;) he looks hard on the outside but is a big softy at heart ,and is fun and gets over excited at times and if you get greeted with a little bum wriggle dance it means you are friends for life … jakes party trick is opening doors ! (unfortunately )



Meet Suzanne the studio manager - her passion for customer service, attention to detail and positive drive for the business is second to none. many of our clients that chat to Suzanne online and in person comments on how lovely and extremely helpful she is, her loveliness and bubbly personality shines though , so much so i have to share my thank you gifts with her haha , Suzanne loves golf , watching wrestling (haha) and socialising with her friends. she is an animal lover and has been a vegetarian for over 15years. if you need anything answered she will be more than happy to help…