Hey ‘audience’ (if there is such a one yet lol ) il make this welcome a little warmer I promise as I get to know you all better … meanwhile thank you for your time and checking out my new site

I have heard great things about blogging and with the addition to my shiny new website I thought no better time to start than now - I’m all new to this blogging carry on and I’m a nightmare with Literature so please take my apologies in advance for my misuse of dots, wrongly placed commas and really bad spelling and grammar … but I hope you can just about still make out what I want to say … if not il say it with a medium and language I’m most fluent in, that being, you guessed it - photography 😆

Ok let’s start …

i want to start by showing you around my new site … as a graphic designer (by trade) you can only imagine how extremely fussy i am when it comes to colours ,layouts and easy on the eye text and overall design , i wanted to give you all good content though i believe i have got a little over excited in areas, but i hope my rambling doesn’t bore you too much lol please forgive a few teething problems here and there as its still a working progress. but meanwhile understand why it has been created in the first place …


a lot of people will have connected my wedding photography to my other brand www.c2photographyanddesign.co.uk but for 2019 and beyond I have decided to now run my wedding photography under my personal brand www.akphotographer.co.uk - I hope this doesn’t confuse you all too much but its a transition that needs be :) so please bare with me and that the move over is an smooth one , While hoping I can still be found out there in the World Wide Web (ekkks ) .

C2 photography and design will now be associated with my organic studio portraiture of maternity , newborn ,children and families , as you are more than likely at the early stages of your wedding planning i’m presuming you don’t want to go there just yet haha …so lets stay focused on one thing at a time - but please note that as a gesture we don’t forgot about you over at c2 and all our booked wedding couples get their first portrait session complimentary to use for their first born or first wedding anniversary or if family is on hold a little after the hectic stress of the big day and you value your freedom for a little longer , we also welcome with open arms your furry friends to our studio :) but anyhow, we don’t need to worry about all that baby stuff now but just something to keep in mind when the confetti settles …

when developing my new website I have read so many expects advice on how to write about yourself on your website - for anyone undertaking this daunting task will agree it is so darn hard , I know exactly the kind of person that I am ( I definitely chat a lot for one and I know i’m a good wee soul ) but its hard sometimes to put your best qualities and characterises into words without sounding egotistical and a bit ‘ here’s me and who’s like me ‘. I find that words aren’t a true repetition of a character and you need to be in the presence of people’s energy to get a true feeling and connection for who they are - that being said I am very much a person that gets on well with all and have in many occasion booked couples online without meeting , although personally I love meeting my couples in person , sitting down with a cuppa in my cosy studio and chatting everything photography and about your plans for the big day ( and food if I go off on one haha ) that’s right one other major thing about me is im very much a foodie - I have educated myself though out the years to be cautious about caring for my mind, body and soul. and one of these elements being food and nutrition il not get too deep with you just yet as we’ve just met but if curious you can find out more about this in my ‘other’ website www.akcreativelifecoach.com .

Or read more about me here


We want to be open and honest from the first point of contact , this is why we have decided to display our prices and collections on our website, not just so you know if we are within your budget but so that when you do contact us we don’t need to waste time and having that award talk about finances … you can also request a full brochure here


we think its important to see images as they are layed out in the finished albums in our real weddings section you can see finished flatlays and how your images will be designed and flow and yes i know - we give soooo many images in an album … but this is something that we are passionate about and there is no point images sitting on usb drives never seeing the Light of day , when we place most of the best from the day in our albums it creates a beautiful natural flow of the day - you will receive approxmently 900-1200 images on your usb and with about 250-300 of your favourite placed within a beautiful designed album, go have a look for your self … here


my blogging is going to be something ive got to get use to but im also super excited about , as i have so much content to share and this now is a great way to share real weddings and also hoping for the odd wee helpful post or two … read some of our blogs so far here


Our online form is super duper easy to use and a quick way to connect with me … ask us anything and check your date and we will get back to you asap - its great to give as much info as you can so that we can accurately answer your questions about your day - so tell us everything !!